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ROSH HASHANAH 10 (Lag b'Omer) - (18 Iyar, Lag b'Omer) - dedicated by Avi and Lily Berger of Queens, N.Y., in memory of Lily's father, Mr. Benny Krieger (Chananel Benayahu ben Harav Yisrael Avraham Aba), zt"l, who passed away on Lag ba'Omer 5763. Mr. Krieger exemplified Ahavas Chesed, Ahavas Torah and Ahavas Eretz Yisrael.


1. Sometimes fruit can be four years old but still be considered Orlah.
2. There is a dispute about how old the "Par" (bull) mentioned in the Torah must be when offered as a Korban.
3. The Gemara explains the opinion of Rebbi Meir (#2).
4. The Gemara discusses other ages of animals offered as Korbanos.
5. Rebbi Eliezer lists many significant things that happened in Tishrei.


1. This is derived from the verse, "And in the fourth year," implying that the new year of Orlah can cause fruit to be older than three actual years before it is permitted (or becomes Revai). Similarly, it is possible for fruit to be five years old before it becomes Revai.
2. Rebbi Meir: It must be a minimum of 24 months and one day old. Rebbi Elazar: It must be 24 months and 30 days old.
3. Everyone agrees that a Par means a bull that is three years old. Rebbi Meir says that the bull is considered three years old once it is even one day into its third year. Rebbi Elazar maintains that it must be one full month into its third year before being considered three years old.
4. The Gemara says that an "Egel" (calf) must be one year old, but if it is called an "Egel Ben Bakar," it must be two years old.
5. In Tishrei, the world was created, the Avos were born, the Avos died, Sara, Rachel, and Chanah conceived, Yosef was freed from jail, and the Jews in Egypt stopped being enslaved in Tishrei (although they only left in Nisan).

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