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1. In a case of Yibum, it is a Mitzvah for the oldest of the brothers to do Chalitzah.
2. The Techum of an animal and a vessel on Shabbos and Yom Tov is the same as the Techum of its owner.
3. If one borrows a vessel before Yom Tov, the Techum of the vessel on Yom Tov is that of the borrower.
4. The Mishnah records a dispute about use Techum the dough follows when one borrows water from a neighbor to mix with her own flour in order to make dough.
5. The Gemara discusses cases the Techum of items borrowed by more than one person at a time.


1. The Gemara teaches that one may not do Chalitzah on Shabbos lest one come to write (i.e. record the details of the Chalitzah) on Shabbos.
2. There is a prohibition against leaving one's boundary (Techum) on Shabbos, which is two thousand cubits outside of the area that is considered his home (which often includes the city he lives in). The same prohibition applies to taking his possessions out of this area. Please rewrite
3. However, if he borrows the vessel on Yom Tov itself, then it has the Techum of the lender.
4. The Tana Kama says that the dough may be taken only to a place where both the lender and borrower may go. Rebbi Yehudah argues that the dough has the Techum of the borrower.
5. The Gemara explains that the Halachah may depend on whether the Halachah is that for d'Rabanan laws, an item's status may be determined retroactively ("Yesh Bereirah"). (Accordingly, on Shabbos it may be determined which part of the item was borrowed by which person, and thus that part's Techum will be the same as the Techum of the person who borrowed it, and it will not have the Techum of the other person who borrowed it together with him.)

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