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1. The Mishnah discusses the applicability of the law of Ma'aser when eating olives from the barrel where they are stacked in order to be pressed.
2. Rebbi Eliezer says that if the olives are Tamei, one may take ten olives from the barrel and prepare to eat them.
3. Most people who are not clearly trustworthy regarding tithes still separate tithes.
4. One is allowed to lower produce that is drying on the roof through a skylight so that it should not get ruined.
5. Alternatively, one may cover the produce that may be ruined by rain.


1. The Tana Kama says that one may eat one olive at a time without having to separate Ma'aser. However, if one takes ten and dips them in salt in order to eat them, he must separate Ma'aser first.
2. If the olives in the barrel are Tamei, he will merely put back the leftovers into the barrel, causing his act of eating to be an "Achilas Arai." However, if the olives in the barrel are Tahor and he makes them Tamei by preparing them to be eaten, he is "establishing" them for eating and must separate Ma'aser before eating them.
3. Even though we say that one should take off tithes when purchasing from such people, it is only a stringency of the Rabanan.
4. One may do so on Yom Tov but not on Shabbos. Even on Yom Tov, one may not take the produce off of the roof and put it through the window of his house.
5. This is applies even if he does not need to use these food items on Yom Tov.

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