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1. The Gemara discusses the praises that each type of person sung at the Simchas Beis ha'Sho'evah.
2. The Gemara continues to mention what everyone sang.
3. The Gemara relates how Shlomo ha'Melech tried to act wisely, but did not succeed.
4. The Gemara relates what Raban Shimon ben Gamliel did at the Simchas Beis ha'Sho'evah.
5. When Levi attempted to bow in the manner of Raban Shimon, he was injured.


1. The people who were righteous throughout their entire life would sing, "Praised is our youth that did not embarrass us when we are older." The Ba'alei Teshuvah would sing, "Praised is our old age in which we repented from the ways of our youth."
2. "Praised is the one who did not sin, and whoever sinned should repent and be forgiven."
3. When Shlomo ha'Melech heard that the Angel of Death wanted to kill two of his nicest-looking servants, he had demons take them to the city of Luz where he thought the Angel of Death would not be able to kill them. The Angel of Death killed them there, and told Shlomo that he had been sad the day before because he had permission to kill these two servants only in the city of Luz.
4. When he was happy, he would juggle eight fiery torches. He would also bow down fully by supporting himself on his thumbs alone, and kiss the ground of the Beis ha'Mikdash.
5. His injury occurred partially because of his attempt to bow in this manner, and partially because he once spoke disrespectfully towards Hashem by saying, "You went up to Heaven and do not watch Your children."

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