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1. There is a dispute about how many meals one is obligated to eat in the Sukah.
2. The Gemara explains the reasons for their positions (#1).
3. The obligation to eat in a Sukah on the first night of Sukos is derived from Pesach.
4. The Gemara discusses the question of whether one may go from one Sukah to another on Sukos.
5. There is a discussion about whether one may build a Sukah on Chol ha'Mo'ed.


1. Rebbi Eliezer: One must eat one meal during the day and one meal at night for all seven days of Sukos. Chachamim: One must eat a meal in his Sukah only on the first night of Sukos. If he wants to eat more meals during Sukos, he must eat them in the Sukah, but he does not have to eat any meals besides for his Shabbos meals.
2. They both derive from the verse, "You shall dwell [in Sukos]," that one should live in a Sukah during Sukos as one lives in his house the rest of the year. Rebbi Eliezer: Just as one eats a daytime meal and a nighttime meal in his house, he should do so in the Sukah. The Chachamim: Just as one eats in his house only when he wants to, there is no obligation to eat meals in the Sukah every day and night of Sukos.
3. A Gezeirah Shavah ("Chamishah Asar, Chamishah Asar" from Pesach teaches that just as one must have a meal on the first night of Pesach, one must have a meal on the first night of Sukos.
4. Rebbi Eliezer: One should do all of his eating and sleeping in the same Sukah throughout Sukos. The Chachamim: One can be in as many Sukos as he likes.
5. Rebbi Eliezer: A Sukah must be built for the entire Sukos The Chachamim: It may be built in the middle of Chol ha'Mo'ed as well. Rebbi Eliezer agrees that if one had built a Sukah that fell down, it may be rebuilt on Chol ha'Mo'ed.

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