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1. The Mishnah says that a Sukah "ha'Meduvleles" is valid.
2. The Gemara explains the criteria for such a Sukah (#1) to be valid according to Shmuel.
3. Rava cites proof for his ruling that if the Sechach is one Tefach wide, it does not have to be within three Tefachim of the Sechach.
4. Rav Ashi questions Rava's statement (#3), and Rava responds.
5. The Beraisa says that if Sechach is so dense that one cannot see even the stars through it, it is still valid.


1. Rav: This refers to a Sukah that has a lot of air between the Sechach branches, but not three Tefachim of airspace going along an entire patch of the Sechach. Shmuel: This refers to a Sukah that has some branches of Sechach higher than other branches; these branches are considered to be alongside the other branches.
2. The raised branches must either be no less than three Tefachim away from the other branches or be one Tefach wide.
3. He quotes a Beraisa regarding Tum'ah which shows that this principle (known as "Chabot Rami") is applied only when the item is one Tefach wide.
4. The Beraisa which discusses the beam of an Eruv says that if one half-beam is above and another one below, they combine to make a proper amount of a Tefach for a beam, since we view the upper one as if it is below, and the lower one as if it is above. Rava gives two possible answers to this question; both answers say that the Beraisa must mean something different.
5. If one cannot see daylight through the Sechach, Beis Hillel says that it is valid, while Beis Shamai says that it is invalid.

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