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1. There is a dispute about whether the laws of Ohel (tent) regarding Tum'ah refer only to a manmade Ohel.
2. The Gemara discusses the great lengths to which people would go in order to ensure that the water for the Parah Adumah remained Tahor.
3. Even mundane conversations of Torah scholars require study.
4. There is a dispute about the law in the case of one who uses his bed as support for his Sukah.
5. There is a dispute about why Rebbi Yehudah says that such a Sukah (#4) is invalid.


1. Rebbi Yehudah: They must be referring only to a manmade Ohel. The word "Ohel" is used to describe the Mishkan, which was a manmade edifice. Rabanan: The fact that the word "Ohel" is used many times in reference to Tum'as Ohel that comes about from the presence of a corpse shows that even a naturally-made Ohel is included in the laws of Ohel.
2. For example, they would build special areas that would be free from Tum'as Mes, and raise children there from birth. They would eventually transport the children in a way that would block any Tum'ah from them before they would draw the water to be used for the ashes of the Parah Adumah.
3. The Gemara derives this from a verse in Tehilim (1:3) discussing a Torah scholar, "And his leaf will not wither away." This implies that even a small leaf of his existence, such as his mundane conversation, requires study.
4. The case refers to when one critical wall (of the two walls and the partial wall) of the Sukah is part of a bed, one side of which is ten Tefachim high. The Tana Kama says this is a valid Sukah, while Rebbi Yehudah says that it is invalid.
5. One opinion is that Rebbi Yehudah maintains that a Sukah must be able to be a permanent structure. Since this Sukah is leaning on a bed which can be moved, it is not fit to be permanent and is invalid. Another opinion is that since the entire Sukah rests on the bed which can become Tamei, it is as if the Sechach itself can become Tamei, and thus the Sukah is invalid (see Rashi).

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