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1. The Gemara discusses the law of Sechach that extends past part of the Sukah.
2. Ula explains his understanding of this law (#1).
3. Rabah and Rav Yosef explain their understanding of this law (#1).
4. The Mishnah discusses the case of a Sukah made in the shape of a tent, and one made by leaning Sechach against a wall.
5. Rava explains his understanding of the dispute between the Tana Kama and Rebbi Eliezer regarding Sechach mats.


1. This is known as "Pesal ha'Yotzei Min ha'Sukah," which not only physically extends but also Halachically extends the area of the Sukah.
2. Ula says that it refers to Sechach that extends out of the back of the Sukah into an area that has three walls and in which there is more shade than sun due to the "Pesal." The novelty of this law is that even though the area beneath the
"Pesal" was not made to be a Sukah, it is still considered a valid Sukah.
3. They understand that it refers to Sechach that extends together with one of the walls past the front (the opening) of the Sukah. Even though there is only one wall in the area of the extension (plus the back wall of the Sukah), the area under all of the Sechach -- including the extension -- is considered a valid Sukah.
4. In other words, the top of the Sukah is not flat, but rather it is diagonal to the ground. The Chachamim say that this is a valid Sukah, while Rebbi Eliezer says that it is invalid.
5. He understands that everyone agrees that a large Sechach mat is made for Sechach and is valid. The Tana Kama: A small Sechach mat is probably made to be a mattress and is invalid for Sechach. Rebbi Eliezer: Even a small mat is probably made to be Sechach and therefore it is valid.

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