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1. Abaye discusses the law of filling in open space between the wall of a Sukah and the Sechach.
2. There is a dispute about whether an open space of less than three Tefachim in the middle of a Sukah invalidates it.
3. If there are two beams that come out of two different sides of an alleyway and almost meet in the middle, it may be a valid Korah.
4. This law (#3) is not proof that Lavud applies in the middle of a Sukah.
5. There is a dispute between Rav and Shmuel in the case of four poles that hold up a ceiling.


1. If the Sukah is a large Sukah, filling in that airspace with either valid or invalid Sechach will validate the Sukah. If the Sukah is only seven by seven Tefachim, the Sukah is valid only if the airspace is filled in with valid Sechach (to create the minimal amount of Sechach that makes a Sukah valid).
2. One opinion is that it does not invalidate the Sukah, since the principle of Lavud applies, and thus the two sides of the Sechach that are less than three Tefachim apart are considered connected. Another opinion maintains that the Sukah is invalid; Lavud applies only when the Sechach is on the side of the Sukah less than three Tefachim away from the wall.
3. A Korah (beam) across the top of an alleyway may permit carrying on Shabbos in that alleyway in certain situations. The Gemara says that even if the two beams meet in the middle of the alleyway, as long as they meet less than three Tefachim away from each other they connect to form a valid Korah.
4. This is because the law of Korah is a Rabbinic law, and it is possible that the Chachamim were more lenient in Rabbinic law (and allowed the principle of Lavud to apply) than in Torah law.
5. Rav: The area between the poles is considered a private domain, because we view the lip of the ceiling as if it descends and forms a wall, and thus there are four walls. Shmuel: This principle (of viewing the lip of the ceiling as if it descends and forms a wall) applies only when there is at least one physical wall. Here, there is no physical wall, and thus it does not apply.

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