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1. Yochanan Kohen Gadol made a decree known as Demai, a name given to the produce of an Am ha'Aretz.
2. The Gemara contrasts the Kohanim Gedolim of the first Beis ha'Mikdash to those of the second Beis ha'Mikdash.
3. The Gemara points out that that the fact that 300 Kohanim Gedolim served during the 420 years of the second Beis ha'Mikdash reflects an even more wretched state of affairs than it implies.
4. The Gemara explains why Shilo was destroyed.
5. The Gemara remarks that women who wore perfume in order to attract the attention of men helped cause the destruction of the Beis ha'Mikdash.


1. He sent out observers who discovered that most people were separating only Terumah Gedolah from their produce, but not the other tithes. He therefore declared that unless one is known to be careful with tithing, his produce is forbidden to be eaten out of doubt because it may not have been tithed.
2. Only twelve Kohanim Gedolim served in all of the 410 years of the first Beis ha'Mikdash. In contrast, in the 420 years of the second Beis ha'Mikdash, over 300 Kohanim Gedolim served.
3. This is because during 141 years out of the 420 years of the second Beis ha'Mikdash, only four Kohanim Gedolim served. This means that nearly 300 Kohanim Gedolim served in only 279 years, each one serving less than one year, clearly demonstrating their wickedness.
4. Shilo was destroyed primarily because of the sins of illicit relations and denigration of Kodshim.
5. This refers to the time of the first Beis ha'Mikdash, when the main cause of the destruction was illicit relations, murder, and idol worship. In the time of the second Beis ha'Mikdash, the main cause of the destruction was unjustified hatred among the Jews.

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