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1. It is not good to give honor to evildoers.
2. Aharon ha'Kohen's merits protected not only his remaining sons, but also his grandsons and offspring for future generations.
3. Someone who inspires others to perform Mitzvos will not come to sin.
4. Similarly, one who causes others to sin will not end up repenting.
5. A person must ask forgiveness from his friend even if he merely pained him with words.


1. This causes them to repeat their evil deeds and ensures that they do not repent.
2. In contrast, the demerits of Cham caused almost all of his descendants not to be like Tevi, the loyal servant of Raban Gamliel, who was descended from Cham.
3. This is in order that he should not be in Gehinom while his students (in this matter) are in Gan Eden. Hashem removes from him the temptations and trials that lead one to sin.
4. This is so that he should not be in Gan Eden while those who learned from him are in Gehinom.
5. If a person sinned against someone who already died, he must take ten people and go to his grave to ask forgiveness.

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