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1. The Gemara cites many reasons for why saving human life takes precedence over Shabbos.
2. A Korban Chatas and Korban Asham Vadai atone for the sin for which they are brought.
3. Repentance alone atones for certain sins.
4. If someone says that he will sin and then repent, sin again and repent, his repentance will not be accepted.
5. Yom Kippur atones only for sins that a man commits between himself and Hashem.


1. Rava says that the best reason given was Shmuel's citing of the verse, "And he should live with them (the Mitzvos)," implying that one should not die because of them.
2. In contrast, an Asham Taluy does not completely atone, but rather it protects a person from punishment for the sin that he might have committed.
3. Repentance alone atones for transgressing basic positive commandments and negative prohibitions that are linked to positive commandments. However, for severe sins it helps to protect a person from punishment until Yom Kippur arrives, and Yom Kippur completes the atonement process.
4. Similarly, if a person sins with the intention that Yom Kippur will remove his sin, Yom Kippur will not remove it.
5. However, Yom Kippur does not atone for sins between man and his fellow man unless he asks for and receives forgiveness from his fellow man.

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