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1. The Gemara quotes another dispute about sprinkling the Kohen before Yom Kippur and before burning the Parah Adumah.
2. Rebbi Chanina Segan ha'Kohanim has a third opinion regarding this dispute (#1).
3. The Gemara presents various ways to understand these opinions (#1).
4. There is a dispute about what one should do a name of Hashem is written on his skin and he must immerse in the Mikvah.
5. The name "Lishkas Parhedrin" is not a name with a good meaning.


1. Rebbi Meir: Both are sprinkled on all seven days from all of the ashes of the different Paros offered throughout history until now. Rebbi Yosi: They are sprinkled only on the third and seventh days.
2. He says that we sprinkle the Kohen who will burn the Parah Adumah on each of the seven days before he burns it, but we sprinkle the Kohen Gadol only on the third and seventh days before Yom Kippur.
3. One way of understanding is that they disagree about whether sprinkling on the correct day is a Mitzvah, just as it is a Mitzvah to immerse on the correct day. Therefore, Rebbi Meir says that we sprinkle the Kohen on all seven days to ensure that he is sprinkled on the correct day. Rebbi Yosi says that there is no Mitzvah to be sprinkled specifically on the correct day.
4. Tana Kama: He must wrap something around the name to ensure that it does not become erased. Rebbi Yosi: He may immerse as normal, but he may not actively scrub the area upon which the name of Hashem is written.
5. The room used to be named "Lishkas Balvati," but it was changed to "Parhedrin" as a reference to officers who changed positions every twelve months. This name represented the fact that the evil Kohanim Gedolim in the [second half of the period of the] second Beis ha'Mikdash used to change every twelve months, because the Kohen Gadol always died within a year of being appointed, due to his wickedness.

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