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1. The Gemara discusses the dangers of intoxication.
2. The Gemara explains the verse, "A worry in the heart of a man, Yashchenah."
3. The Gemara explains how the Jewish people were able to eat fish in Egypt.
4. If there were doubts about the ownership of servants or the parenthood of children, the Man was able to reconcile the doubt.
5. The Man was given based on the level of each person's righteousness.


1. A person who frequently becomes drunk justifies forbidden relations or theft.
2. Some say "Yashchenah" means that he should try to forget the worry. Others say that he should discuss it with others so that they might suggest how to deal with it.
3. When they drew water, they ate the small fish that appeared in the bucket.
4. The number of portions of Man that fell for a family would demonstrate if the servant or child was indeed a member of that family.
5. For righteous people, the Man fell right next to their tent. Evil people had to go far away to find their portions. Ordinary people had to go a small distance from their tent to find their portions.

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