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1. The Gemara explains why the Kohen Gadol rolled the Sefer Torah and said, "More than what I have read is written here."
2. The Kohen Gadol would recite eight blessings after reading the Torah.
3. After the Kohen Gadol would read from the Sefer Torah, everyone present would bring out his personal Sefer Torah and read from it.
4. After the Kohen Gadol would finish all of the Avodos of Yom Kippur, he would make a festive celebration for his family and close friends.
5. There is a discussion about when many of the Korbanos of Yom Kippur were offered.


1. Since the Kohen Gadol read the third Parshah by heart, he made this proclamation in order to avoid leaving the impression that the Sefer Torah was missing a Parshah.
2. These were the blessings for the Torah, Avodah, thanksgiving, forgiveness, the Beis ha'Mikdash, Kohanim, Yisrael, and prayers for every individual.
3. This was in order to show how much each person beautified his Sefer Torah (and to inspire people to beautify the Mitzvos).
4. The last Avodos of the day were the Kohen Gadol's offering of the afternoon Ketores, after which he would wash his hands and feet and change into his own garments.
5. There are various opinions about which Korbanos were brought with the morning Korban Tamid and which were brought with the afternoon Korban Tamid.

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