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1. If a goat's mother was slaughtered on Yom Kippur, the goat cannot be used as the Se'ir la'Azazel.
2. There is a dispute about what is done with the extra goats after the one of the first pair dies and another pair is dedicated.
3. The Gemara explains that the dispute is based on what happens when an animal is unfit to be offered.
4. The Gemara says that their positions in this dispute (#3) refer to an animal with a temporary blemish.
5. There is a dispute about what happens when parts of Korbanos become mixed up with parts of an animal with a blemish.


1. Even though the prohibition against slaughtering a mother and its child on the same day applies only to slaughtering, and the Se'ir la'Azazel is not slaughtered but rather pushed off a cliff, Rava understands that the verse teaches that pushing the Se'ir la'Azazel off a cliff is the equivalent of slaughtering.
2. Rav: The second of the first pair is offered, while the second of the second pair is put out to pasture until it receives a blemish and is then redeemed. Rebbi Yochanan: The opposite is true: the one from the first pair is put out to pasture, and the second of the second pair is offered.
3. Rav: Animals are not disqualified permanently from being offered just because they temporarily became disqualified. Rebbi Yochanan: They remain disqualified in such cases.
4. Rav: Just as an animal with a temporary blemish may be offered once its blemish is healed, any animal that becomes unfit can then become fit again. Rebbi Yochanan: This specifically applies to blemishes that pass, but not to other things that render the Korban unfit.
5. Rebbi Eliezer: If the head of one of the animals is offered, all of the other heads should be offered on the Mizbe'ach. Chachamim: Even if all of the heads were offered except for one, it should be burned outside the Beis ha'Mikdash.

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