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1. There is a dispute about whether the Se'ir la'Azazel atones for Kohanim.
2. There is a dispute about what happens if the blood spills during the sprinkling done in the Kodesh ha'Kodashim.
3. Everyone agrees that if the blood spills in between the sets of sprinklings, the Kohen starts again from where he left off.
4. The Gemara discusses the law for a Nazir who has no hair.
5. The Mishnah discusses whether a Metzora becomes Tahor if he has no big toe or thumb.


1. Rebbi Yehudah: The Se'ir la'Azazel atones for all of Bnei Yisrael. Rebbi Shimon: Just as the Viduy of the Se'ir la'Azazel atones for non-Kohanim, the Viduy of the bull atones for the Kohanim.
2. Tana Kama: Another vessel of blood from the Korban must be brought, and the Kohen starts sprinkling from the beginning (of the "one and seven"). Rebbi Elazar and Rebbi Shimon: He starts sprinkling again from where he left off.
3. The dispute above (#2) applies only when the blood in the vessel spills in the middle of a set that is in the Kodesh ha'Kodashim, Heichal, or on the Mizbe'ach.
4. A Nazir's hair is supposed to be shorn by razor on the day he finishes his Nezirus. Beis Hillel says that a Nazir with no hair does not need to have a razor passed over his body as he has no hair to cut. Beis Shamai maintains either that since he cannot be shorn, this is a problem (Rebbi Avina) or that he should just have a razor passed over his body as if it was cutting his hair (Rebbi Pedas).
5. Tana Kama: He cannot become Tahor again (since he needs sprinkling on these digits in order to become Tahor). Rebbi Elazar: The sprinkling may be done on the area where he used to have his big toe or thumb. Rebbi Shimon: The sprinkling may be done on his left thumb or his left big toe.

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