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YOMA 59 - Dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Ra'anana, Israel, in memory of his father, Reb Yisrael Shimon ben Shlomo ha'Levi Turkel, whose Yahrzeit is on 10 Av.


1. The Gemara explains the meaning of "Tiharo Shel Mizbea'ch."
2. The Mishnah says that the rest of blood was spilled on the southern part of the Yesod of the outer Mizbe'ach.
3. There is an dispute about whether, mid'Rabanan, one transgresses the prohibition against using a sanctified object for personal benefit in the case of blood that has been used in the service of a Korban.
4. There is a dispute about how we know that, according to Torah law, Me'ilah does not apply to blood that has been used in the service of a Korban.
5. Generally, after a Mitzvah was done in the Beis ha'Mikdash, it was no longer possible to commit Me'ilah with the Mitzvah item.


1. This refers to the part of the Mizbe'ach that is cleared of coals.
2. However, the Gemara quotes other Tana'im who argue that it was spilled on the western part of the Yesod.
3. Rebbi Meir, Rebbi Shimon: The law of Me'ilah applies to blood used in the service of a Korban, mid'Rabanan, meaning that one must pay the principle but does not add a fifth (as he would if it would be Me'ilah mid'Oraisa). Chachamim: Me'ilah simply does not apply to blood, even mid'Rabanan.
4. For example, Ula says that the verse states "for you," implying that one may use it for whatever he wants after it has been used for the Korban.
5. There were some exceptions, such as the ashes from the Terumas ha'Deshen.

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