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1. The Gemara cites an exception to the rule that a Korban Chatas whose owner has died is put to death.
2. The Gemara discusses the cases in which the offering of a Korban overrides Shabbos or Tum'ah.
3. The Beraisa lists some aspects of a Korban that are more stringent than a Temurah.
4. The Beraisa lists some aspects of a Temurah that are more stringent than a Korban.
5. If a person makes a Temurah from a Chatas, the Temurah is put to death.


1. The exception is that if the Chatas is a Korban Tzibur, then even if it is offered by one person who died (such as the Kohen Gadol), it is not considered as though the owner died, since it is primarily a public offering, and "the public does not die."
2. Whenever the Korban must be brought at a specific time, it overrides Shabbos and Tum'ah, even if it is an individual's Korban (such as a Korban Pesach). If there is no specific time at which it must be brought, then it does not override Shabbos or Tum'ah, even if it is a Korban Tzibur.
3. One can offer a Korban for an individual and for the public, it can override Shabbos and Tum'ah, and it can be used to make another animal a Temurah.
4. Temurah takes effect on an animal that has a permanent blemish, and it may not be redeemed in order to shear it or work it.
5. This is included in the five cases of a Korban Chatas that is put to death.

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