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1. One must perform Semichah on a Korban before offering it.
2. If one intentionally fails to do Semichah on his Korban, he does not gain atonement with the offering of the Korban.
3. The Gemara quotes a similar derivation regarding the Tenufah, waving, of a Korban.
4. The Gemara discusses the clothing of the Kohanim.
5. There is a dispute about the order in which the Kohanim were dressed.


1. Semichah is obligatory, but if one failed to do so he does not have to offer another Korban.
2. The verse says, "And he will lean... and he will atone," to teach that even though one atones and his Korban is valid without Semichah, if one treats Semichah as if it does not have to be done, he does not fulfill the Mitzvah of offering his Korban with the proper intention.
3. Regarding Tenufah, the verse similarly states, "For waving to atone," to teach the same lesson that it teaches with regard to Semichah (above, #2).
4. The Gemara explains that while we generally do not dwell on topics that have no Halachic bearing, we need to discuss the priestly garments in order to understand how to read the verses that describe how they dressed.
5. Abaye says that everyone agrees that Aharon was dressed first, and only then did his sons get dressed. The argument involves whether Aharon donned his belt before his sons, or whether his sons donned their belts at the same time as their father.

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