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1. The Gemara lists certain people who may not perform the Avodos of Kabalas ha'Dam (receiving the blood), Holachas ha'Dam (carrying the blood), and Zerikas ha'Dam (sprinkling the blood).
2. While a non-Kohen may not perform Holachah and take the blood from where the animal was slaughtered to the Mizbe'ach, he may hold it.
3. Rebbi Chanina was a doctor.
4. The Gemara discusses how to perform Chafinah, and it says that Chafinah was one of the most difficult Avodos to perform in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
5. The Beraisa lists items that cannot be used to redeem a firstborn donkey.


1. They include: A non-Kohen, an Onen, a drunk, a Kohen with a blemish, one who is sitting, or one who performs these services with his left hand.
2. If a Kohen needs to put the blood somewhere to be held, he may give it to a non-Kohen to hold before a Kohen takes it from him in order to bring it to the Mizbe'ach. However, if the non-Kohen brings the blood closer to the Mizbe'ach, he disqualifies it.
3. This is evident from his statement, "Nobody ever survived after consulting me about an injury that he received from a white mule." This indicates that people used to ask him for medical advice.
4. The other Avodos that were also considered very difficult were Kemitzah and Melikah.
5. These are: A calf, an undomesticated animal, a slaughtered animal, a Tereifah, Kil'ayim, and a Koy. A sheep should be used.

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