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1. A sin causes a person to have his heart "stopped up" from accepting spirituality.
2. The Mishnah explains how the lots were drawn and recognized.
3. The wooden bowl used for the lots was not sanctified.
4. During the forty years that Shimon ha'Tzadik was the Kohen Gadol, many miracles consistently occurred.
5. These miracles (#4) happened only occasionally when others served as Kohen Gadol after Shimon ha'Tzadik.


1. In contrast, when one performs Mitzvos he becomes even more sanctified than the sanctity caused by the Mitzvah that he performed.
2. If "la'Hashem" came into the Kohen Gadol's right hand, the Segan Kohen Gadol, who was standing to the right of the Kohen Gadol, would proclaim, "My master, Kohen Gadol, lift up your right hand." If it came up in his left hand, the Rosh Beis Av, who was to his left, would say, "My master, Kohen Gadol, lift up your left hand."
3. This is because it was made of wood, and there were no sanctified vessels made of wood.
4. For example, the lot of "la'Hashem" always came up in his right hand, the red string would always turn white on Yom Kippur (indicating that the sins of Bnei Yisrael were forgiven), and the western candle of the Menorah would always be burning.
5. However, during the forty years before the destruction of the Beis ha'Mikdash, these miracles never occurred.

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