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1. One who tears any of the Bigdei Kehunah is punished with Malkus.
2. One who detaches the Choshen from the Efod is punished with Malkus.
3. The Gemara describes the poles of the Aron.
4. Any Torah scholar whose inner thoughts are not consistent with his public actions is not a Torah scholar.
5. The Gemara bemoans people who learn Torah but do not possess fear of Heaven.


1. This is derived from the verse, "It shall not be torn."
2. Similarly, one who removes the poles from the Aron is punished with Malkus. The verses state with regard to both of these, "It shall not be removed."
3. They were thick at the ends and thinner in the middle. They were inserted with pressure into the rings on the side of the Aron and would not fall out, since the sides were too thick to allow them to slide out of the rings.
4. Rava told his students that they should not be punished with two sets of Gehinom. This would be the case if they would neglect materialism (one form of suffering) and study Torah but not uphold what the Torah teaches (and thus suffer a second form of Gehinom).
5. The Gemara compares such a person to a person who possesses no yard, yet he builds a gate for a yard. Similarly, learning Torah is like a protective fence for one's fear of Heaven. If he has no fear of Heaven, there is no point in building a gate.

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