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1. The Mishnah discusses what is done with money found on the floor between the boxes in the Beis ha'Mikdash.
2. The Gemara discusses what is done with money found on the floor between the other boxes.
3. If money is found in front of people who sell animals for Korbanos in Yerushalayim, it is presumed to be Ma'aser.
4. If money is found on Har ha'Bayis, it is Chulin, even during the Regel.
5. There is a difference between meat found in Yerushalayim during the year and meat found during the Regel.


1. The money would be put in the box that was closest to it. If the money was equidistant from the Nedavos box and the Shekalim box, it would be put in the donations box.
2. In all of the possible cases, the law is the same in that the money is placed into the box closest to it, and if the money is exactly between two boxes, it is placed into one of them based on certain considerations. For example, if it is exactly between the Etzim box and Ketores box, it is placed in the Ketores box.
3. This is because the people who come to Yerushalayim usually buy animals to eat as Korbanos with their Ma'aser Sheni money.
4. However, money found elsewhere in Yerushalayim is not necessarily considered Chulin. If the money is found during the rest of the year, it is considered Chulin. If it is found during the Regel, it is considered Ma'aser.
5. During the Regel, one may eat any meat that is found, since it is likely permitted meat from a Korban (even if it is an entire limb). During the year, however, only pieces that are clearly cut up with intent to be eaten by people are permitted, while limbs are not (since they are not cut nicely, they are presumed to be non-Kosher and were intended to be fed to dogs).

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