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NIDAH 66 (7 Av) - Dedicated in memory of Dr. Simcha Bekelnitzky (Simcha Gedalya ben Shraga Feibush) of Queens, N.Y., Niftar 7 Av 5757, by his wife and daughters. G-d-fearing and knowledgeable, Simcha was well known in the community for his Chesed and Tzedakah. He will long be remembered.


1. We do not assume that the reason why a woman sees blood is due to having relations when there is another reasonable explanation.
2. Rebbi found another possible reason to assume that a woman's bleeding was not due to relations.
3. When a person is faced with a difficulty, it sometimes is appropriate to tell others about it so that they will pray for him.
4. Rebbi Zeira: Jewish women are stringent to always count seven clean days after they see even a small drop of blood.
5. Rava: A woman must count seven clean days after she accepts a marriage proposition in order to be permitted to her husband.


1. For example, if she sees blood at a time when she normally menstruates, we do not assume that the blood came as a result of relations. Similarly, if there are grounds to assume that the bleeding is due to some type of wound, it is not assumed to have been caused by relations.
2. When a woman came to Rebbi and complained of seeing blood due to relations, he had someone frighten her suddenly. A hard congealed piece of blood become dislodged and dropped out of her body. Rebbi showed that this was clearly the source for the bleeding she was having, and it was not a result of relations.
3. The verse states, "And he (a leper) will call out (that he is): impure, impure!" This teaches that one should tell the public about his suffering so that they will pray for his recovery.
4. This custom ensures that they never transgress being a Zavah Gedolah, who must count seven clean days before she becomes Tahor.
5. This is because we suspect that she saw blood due to her desire to be with her future husband.

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