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1. In the case above (see Daf 2, #5), the Tana Kama and Rebbi Shimon disagree about the status of the vessels immersed in this Mikvah.
2. The Gemara explains the Tana Kama's opinion (see #1).
3. The Gemara explains Rebbi Shimon's opinion (see #1).
4. The Gemara records Shamai's argument against the position of Hillel (see Daf 2, #1).
5. The Gemara records Hillel's answer, and Shamai's response.


1. Tana Kama: They are all considered Tamei, whether the Mikvah is in the public domain or private domain, until it is known that they were immersed when the Mikvah contained 40 Se'ah. Rebbi Shimon: If the Mikvah is in the public domain, then the vessels immersed before it was found to be lacking are deemed Tahor. If it is in the private domain, then the vessels are Tamei out of doubt.
2. Tana Kama: Just as a Sotah is only Teme'ah out of doubt, and the Torah treats her as though she is definitely Teme'ah, these vessels should be treated as though they are definitely Tamei.
3. Just as a woman cannot become a Sotah in the public domain, vessels immersed in such a Mikvah in the public domain are Tahor. Even if the Mikvah is in a private domain, the vessels should be treated only as Tamei out of doubt (Safek Tamei). They are unlike a Sotah who probably was unfaithful, as she previously was warned by her husband not to be secluded with this man and she did not heed his warning.
4. Shamai: If you say that a woman is deemed Teme'ah from the time that she last checked, this will prevent men from being with their wives, as they will suspect that their wives will be considered to have been Tamei retroactively.
5. Hillel: I never intended that she should be considered forbidden to her husband retroactively, but rather that any Tahor items that she dealt with should be deemed Tamei. Shamai: Even this level of decree will cause men to separate from their wives at times when they are in fact permitted.

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