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NIDAH 14 (14 Sivan ) - Dedicated by Doug Rabin in memory of his mother, Leah Miriam bat Yisroel (Lucy) Rabin, in honor of her Yahrzeit.


1. A man should not sleep on his back.
2. A person is not allowed to say Keri'as Shema while lying on his back, even if he is slightly leaning to his side.
3. The Mishnah discusses cases in which one finds blood on cloths used to check one's status immediately after having relations.
4. The Mishnah discusses cases in which she did not examine immediately after relations, but blood was found on her cloth afterwards.
5. A bloodstain on clothing or material (as opposed to a cloth used to check) must be larger than a Gris in order to be deemed Tamei.


1. However, if he leans slightly to his side, it is permitted.
2. This is because it is inappropriate to accept the yoke of Heaven in such a position. However, if one is lying completely on his side (Rashi, Tosfos), or he is very heavy and it is difficult for him to right himself, it is permitted.
3. If blood is found on either his or her cloth, they are both considered Tamei for seven days, and they must bring a Korban Chatas.
4. If she checked herself shortly afterwards, they are both Safek Tamei and do not have to offer a Korban. If she checked after this amount of time (the time of "shortly afterwards"; see the Mishnah), there is a dispute about whether she causes her husband to be Tamei for 24 hours due to this doubt.
5. Since such stains are Tamei mid'Rabanan, the Rabanan ruled leniently. As long as it is possible that the stain is blood from a bug that was squashed on the clothing, the stain is not deemed Tamei. This assumption is possible only when the bloodstain is smaller than a Gris.

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