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PESACHIM 97 (Hoshana Raba) - dedicated by Gedalliah Jawitz in honor of the Yahrzeit of his father, Yehuda ben Simcha Volf Jawitz.


1. Five types of Korban Chatas are put to death under a certain set of circumstances.
2. Shmuel: Whatever type of Korban Chatas is put to death if it cannot be offered (#1) is put out to pasture if it is a Korban Pesach.
3. If a person separated two Chata'os to ensure that he would bring one, he offers one and the other is put out to pasture.
4. The tail area is included in the parts of the Korban Pesach that are burned on the Mizbe'ach.
5. If one separates a female animal for his Korban Pesach, it should be put out to pasture.


1. For example, if a person dedicated an animal as his Korban Chatas and he then died, the designated animal is put into a pen and left to die.
2. Animals put out to pasture are left to become blemished. They are then sold, and the money must be used to buy another similar Korban. Shmuel continues that whatever would be put out to pasture if it were a Chatas is also put out to pasture if it is a Pesach.
3. If he did this with the Korban Pesach, he offers one as a Korban Pesach and the other as a Korban Shelamim.
4. The law that certain parts of the Korban Pesach are burned on the Mizbe'ach is not stated explicitly but only derived. In contrast, it is stated explicitly with regard to many other Korbanos. The extra word "Kesev" teaches that the tail is included among the parts of the Korban Pesach that are burned, just as it is burned in the case of other Korbanos.
5. This is because a female animal may not be offered as a Korban Pesach. Once it receives a blemish, it is sold and the money used to buy a Korban Shelamim.

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