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PESACHIM 48 (1 Elul) - Dedicated l'Iluy Nishmas Esther Chaya Rayzel (Friedman) bas Gershon Eliezer (Yahrzeit: 30 Av, Yom Kevurah: 1 Elul) by her daughter and son-in-law, Jeri and Eli Turkel of Raanana, Israel. Esther Friedman was a woman of valor who was devoted to her family and gave of herself unstintingly, inspiring all those around her.
PESACHIM 48 (6 Adar) - dedicated by the Feldman family in memory of their father, the Tzadik Harav Yisrael Azriel ben Harav Chaim (Feldman) of Milwaukee.


1. One may not offer libations from wine that has not been tithed. The wine used for libations must be permitted to a Jew to drink.
2. There is a dispute about the law in the case of several women who prepare their dough simultaneously while sharing one oven.
3. Rebbi Akiva is lenient in theory (in the case in #2) but stringent in practice.
4. There is a dispute about Se'or and Siduk in the Mishnah (see definitions in #5 below).
5. Rebbi Yehudah and the Chachamim disagree about the definition of "Se'or" and "Siduk."


1. Similarly, if a volume of Orlah fell into a pit, one may offer Nesachim from the remaining 200 volumes in the pit after deducting the amount of Orlah that fell in, since Orlah is nullified in 200 parts more of permitted matter.
2. Raban Gamliel: They may do so. Each woman must wait for her turn to put her dough in the oven until the previous woman has finished baking. Chachamim: They must work in shifts so that no woman's dough sits idle while she is waiting for the rest of the women to finish their baking.
3. Rebbi Akiva agrees that Raban Gamliel's opinion is correct when all of the women are careful that their dough not become Chametz while waiting, if the oven was very hot, etc. However, since they might not meet all of these conditions, one should be stringent.
4. Rebbi Yehudah: While it is forbidden to eat both on Pesach, only one who eats Siduk is liable to receive Kares. Chachamim: One who eats either of them is liable to receive Kares.
5. Rebbi Yehudah: Se'or has a small crack on each side of the dough, while Siduk is dough that has cracks that are connected and mingled with each other. Chachamim: Any cracks in dough classify it as Siduk. Se'or is when the dough turns a whitish color (even without cracks).

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