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1. The Gemara explains why the verse regarding Nazir lists various parts of grape that combine to form a forbidden amount.
2. The Mishnah discusses dough that was used to fill in the cracks of a trough.
3. If Chametz of Terumah Tehorah is inedible for a person, it may be burned with Chametz of Terumah Teme'ah before Pesach.
4. Chametz that is inedible for a person but is still edible for a dog must be burned before Pesach.
5. There is a dispute about the status of flour placed into a vessel that was used for tanning hides before Pesach.


1. Even according to the opinion that "Ta'am k'Ikar" (Daf 44, #5) and permitted items count towards the minimum amount of a prohibition for a Nazir, a verse is needed to teach different forbidden items combine with each other. This is because forbidden items combine even when they are eaten one after the other, as opposed to a mixture of permitted and forbidden items, which combine (to comprise the minimum amount of the prohibition) only when eaten together.
2. If the piece of dough is the size of a K'Zayis, one must burn it before Pesach. If it is less than a K'Zayis, it is considered nullified to the trough. The Gemara notes two versions of this case.
3. Even according to the stringent opinion that before Pesach one must burn Terumah Tehorah that is Chametz separately from Terumah Teme'ah that is Chametz, they may be burned together if the Terumah Tehorah is no longer edible for a person.
4. There is a dispute about whether food that is inedible for a person but edible for a dog can cause Tum'as Ochlin. The Tana Kama says that it cannot, while Rebbi Nasan says that it can.
5. Tana Kama: If the flour was placed into the tanning vessel more than three days before Pesach and it is still there, the flour is considered inedible even for a dog (due to the horrible smell of the vessel, even if hides are not in it). Therefore, one does not have to burn it. Rebbi Nasan: If one mixed hides with the flour, even if it is less than three days before Pesach, the flour is deemed inedible.

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