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1. Chametz is another exception to Rebbi Avahu's rule (Daf 43, #3), that when the Torah forbids eating a certain amount of a forbidden item, one is liable only when the minimum amount that he eats contains one hundred per cent of that item.
2. The Gemara explains that Ze'iri agrees with this (#1), and he mentioned Se'or (see Daf 43, #5) for a different reason.
3. Regarding other prohibitions, one can be liable for a mixture that has a K'Zayis of a forbidden item in it.
4. If one has a box of Chulin and a box of Terumah, and some Chulin (from elsewhere) fell into one box and some Terumah fell into another, both are permitted.
5. According to one opinion, the source for the principle that "Ta'am k'Ikar" ("the taste of an item is like the item itself") is the law of Nazir.


1. If a half K'Zayis of Chametz became mixed with a non-Chametz item and someone ate the mixture, he is liable for eating a K'Zayis of a mixture of Chametz.
2. Ze'iri said that one is liable for burning a similar mixture of Se'or and Matzah on the Mizbe'ach, because he wanted to disagree with the opinion that one is liable for burning even a minute amount of Se'or. He thus said that one is liable for burning Se'or on the Mizbe'ach only when one burns a k'Zayis.
3. If the prohibition is against eating the item, then one is liable only when it can be determined that he ate a K'Zayis of the forbidden item in the mixture within Kedei Achilas Peras (approximately 2-4 minutes).
4. We may assume that the Chulin fell into the Chulin box and the Terumah fell into the Terumah box. This is because Terumah today is only a Rabbinic obligation.
5. Even though there is no actual substance of the forbidden item, if its taste becomes absorbed into a permitted item, that item becomes forbidden.

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