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1. Rav teaches the Halachah in the case of a mixture with Chametz during and after Pesach.
2. Rav explains Rebbi Shimon's opinion about benefiting from Chametz owned by a Jew on Pesach after Pesach.
3. Rav and Shmuel disagree about keeping Chametz pots on Pesach.
4. If a person uses a certain vessel throughout the year with only cold Chametz, he may use that vessel on Pesach.
5. The Mishnah discusses Chametz used as collateral.


1. Rav: If even a small amount of Chametz is mixed into something on Pesach, it forbids the entire mixture. Rebbi Shimon: If Chametz owned by a Jew on Pesach is mixed into something after Pesach, it is permitted even if it adds taste to the mixture.
2. The Rabanan forbade benefiting from Chametz after Pesach (that was owned during Pesach) only when it is in its original form, but not if, b'Di'eved, it was mixed into a mixture and is no longer recognizable in its original form.
3. Rav: Pots that cannot be or are not kashered must be broken (or thrown out or sold) before Pesach, because it is forbidden to own the absorbed Chametz in the pot on Pesach. Shmuel: A Jew may keep such pots in his possession.
4. He must merely clean it out from any Chametz. Since it was used with only cold Chametz, it does not absorb Chametz and is not considered a Chametz vessel.
5. For example, if a Jew gave his Chametz to a Nochri as collateral for a loan, and the loan became due before Pesach, one may benefit from the Chametz after Pesach, since it is considered to have belonged to the Nochri on Pesach.

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