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1. The Gemara discusses the measures that people would take to avoid drinking an even number of drinks.
2. Ula says that even though ten is an even number, it is not a problem to have ten drinks.
3. The Gemara discusses things about demons that Yosef the demon told to various Torah scholars.
4. The Gemara discusses what one should say if he meets up with a witch.
5. The Gemara concludes with a golden rule regarding having an even number of drinks.


1. When Abaye would have a drink, his caretaker would give him two more drinks to ensure that he did not drink an even number of drinks.
2. This is evident from the decree of the Rabanan that ten cups should be served in the house of a mourner. If ten cups would pose a danger, the Rabanan would not have instituted it. It must be that ten is an exception to the rule that an even number of drinks is dangerous.
3. For example, he taught that the greatest danger was to drink two cups, and that someone who did so could even accidentally could be killed by a demon. In contrast, one who drinks four cups could be harmed but not killed, and only if he drank them knowingly.
4. The statement one should say, as explained in the Gemara, was told to Ameimar by the head of the witches.
5. If one is not concerned about having an even number of drinks, then the demons will not bother him. If he is overly concerned and happens to have an even number, they will bother him. However, one should generally avoid having an even number of drinks.

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