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1. There is a dispute about the law in a case in which people started a meal on Erev Shabbos at a time when they were permitted to do so, and the meal extended into Shabbos.
2. The Gemara relates that such a meal took place which included Raban Gamliel, Rebbi Yosi, and Rebbi Yehudah.
3. Shmuel says that we do not rule according to any of the previous opinions quoted in the Gemara.
4. Shmuel says that the same law (#3) applies to Havdalah.
5. There is a dispute about whether people fulfill their obligation of Kidush when they hear it in the synagogue on Friday night.


1. Rebbi Yehudah: They must stop their meal completely and recite Kidush. Rebbi Yosi: They may finish their meal and afterwards recite Kidush.
2. When Raban Gamliel wanted to stop the meal and recite Kidush to fulfill the opinion of Rebbi Yehudah, Rebbi Yosi protested. They subsequently continued the meal without reciting Kidush (until afterwards) to show everyone that the law follows Rebbi Yosi.
3. Shmuel says that one must stop, cover the food, and recite Kidush during the meal, but he may continue the meal after doing so.
4. If one began his meal on Shabbos and extended it until the time to recite Havdalah, he must stop, cover the food, and recite Havdalah. He may then continue his meal.
5. Rav: They fulfill their obligation. Shmuel: They do not fulfill their obligation. Rav maintains that Kidush does not have to be recited where a person eats his meal. Shmuel maintains that Kidush is valid only when a person eats immediately after Kidush in that place.

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