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1. Ula originally thought that the plentiful amount of dates should help the people of Babylon to constantly learn Torah.
2. The Gemara discusses who is included in a person's Korban Pesach without being notified of his or her inclusion.
3. If a Kena'ani servant is owned by partners, he may eat from the Korban Pesach of either partner.
4. A servant may slaughter a Korban Pesach for his master.
5. The Mishnah discusses the case of a servant who forgot which type of animal he was instructed to slaughter for his master's Korban Pesach.


1. However, after eating quite a few of them and having severe stomach problems, he realized that they learned in spite of the dates (to a certain extent), and not because of the dates.
2. Included are a person's children who are minors and his Kena'ani servants. However, not included are his wife, adult children, and Jewish servants, unless he informs them beforehand that he is including them.
3. This is applies as long as each partner does not insist that the servant not benefit from the other partner. If, however, either partner makes such a demand, the servant may not eat from either of their Pesachim.
4. If his master tells him to slaughter a Korban Pesach, even if the master did not specify whether he wants a goat or a sheep, the servant may choose either one for the Korban. He may choose either one even if the master usually prefers the other type of meat (as long as the master not mention a specific type of animal).
5. The Mishnah states that in such a case, the servant should offer a sheep and a goat, and stipulate, "If the sheep is what my master wanted, then this is his Pesach, and the goat is mine, and if he wanted the goat, then the goat is his Pesach and the sheep is mine." If his master also forgot what he instructed, then both animals are to be burned, but the master and the servant do not need to offer a Korban Pesach Sheni.

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