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1. The Gemara discusses the near death experience of Rav Yosef, son of Rebbi Yehoshua ben Levi.
2. Rav Yosef reported that he heard two Heavenly proclamations while having his near death experience.
3. Yehudah did not actually marry the daughter of a Canaanite.
4. In this world, we bless "ha'Tov veha'Meitiv" upon hearing good news and "Dayan ha'Emes" upon hearing bad news.
5. The Gemara discusses the custom not to work on Erev Pesach after Chatzos.


1. Rav Yosef related that he saw in heaven, where he was temporarily, that the people that are important in this world are not significant in that world, and those insignificant in this world are important in that world. He also reported that Torah scholars are deemed significant on high.
2. One proclamation was, "Praised is he who comes here and his Talmud study is in his hand." The other was, "Nobody can stand near the [portion in heaven of the] ones who were killed by the Nochri kingdom" (the Gemara explains that this refers to two brothers who admitted to a crime they did not commit in order to save the entire Jewish populace from being killed).
3. Although the verse states that Yehudah married a "Kena'ani," the Gemara says that the word "Kena'ani" in this context means a merchant, not a Canaanite.
4. However, in the next world -- where everyone sees the good in every action -- there will be only the blessing of "ha'Tov veha'Meitiv."
5. The Gemara says that this practiced is observed only in a place where the custom is to observe it. In a place where it is not the custom, one may perform work on Erev Pesach after Chatzos.

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