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PESACHIM 49 (7 Adar) - dedicated in memory of the passing (on 7 Adar 5748/1988) of Moreinu Ha'Rav Ha'Gaon Rav Shaul David Ha'Kohen Margulies ZT'L, Av Beis Din of Prushkov (suburb of Warsaw), Rav of Congregation Degel Israel (Queens, N.Y.), examiner for Yeshivas Chachmei Lublin (in Poland) and close disciple of ha'Gaon Rav Meir Shapiro (initiator of the Daf ha'Yomi). Dedicated by Rebbetzin Margulies and Rabbi and Mrs. David Sheinfeld.


1. There is a dispute about what to do with Chametz when Erev Pesach falls on Shabbos.
2. The Mishnah discusses the case of a person traveling to do a Mitzvah before Pesach who remembers that he left Chametz in his house.
3. If he was not traveling for a Mitzvah purpose (see #2), he must return to burn his Chametz.
4. An ignoramus, non-Kohen should not marry the daughter of a Kohen.
5. A person should sell whatever he has in order to marry the daughter of a Torah scholar.


1. Rebbi Meir: One should burn all Chametz before Shabbos. Chachamim: One should dispose of the Chametz on Shabbos. Rebbi Elazar b'Rebbi Tzadok: One should dispose of Chametz which is Terumah before Shabbos, and Chametz which is Chulin on Shabbos.
2. If he can go back and burn the Chametz and still perform his Mitzvah, he should do so. If he cannot, it suffices to nullify the Chametz in his heart.
3. The Mishnah also discusses laws that apply to a person who leaves Yerushalayim and realizes that he still has with him meat of a Korban. If he already passed the village from which the Beis ha'Mikdash is visible, he may burn it where he is (otherwise he should go back to burn it).
4. Similarly, the daughter of a Talmid Chacham should not marry an ignoramus.
5. If he cannot find an appropriate daughter of a Torah scholar, he should marry the daughter of a righteous person.

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