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1. The Pesachtar was a large vessel that had a chain on either side of it.
2. The Magreifah was a heavy instrument that made a loud sound when thrown to the ground.
3. The Kohen who won the lottery to do the service of the Ketores was able to pick a friend to help him.
4. When the Kohen Gadol came to the Heichal to bow, he was accompanied by three Kohanim.
5. The Mishnah explains the difference between Birkas Kohanim in the Beis ha'Mikdash and outside of it.


1. It had several purposes: to cover the coals on the Mizbe'each on Shabbos so that the Kohanim should not get burned; to cover a Sheretz found in the Azarah on Shabbos; and to take the ashes off of the Mizbe'ach.
2. This served to alert the Kohanim, Leviyim, and Yisraelim. It alerted the Kohanim to come bow in the Heichal. It alerted the Leviyim that it was time to begin singing. It alerted the Yisrael who was the head of the order of that day to prepare those who were Tamei to line up at the eastern gate.
3. The friend would help him gather any Ketores that spilled from the Bazach into the Kaf. He would place it into the first Kohen's hand.
4. One Kohen would hold onto him on his right side, one on his left side, and one would hold onto the stones of the Heichal.
5. In the Beis ha'Mikdash, Birkas Kohanim would be said as one long blessing (as opposed to three). The name of Hashem would be said as it is written, and the Kohanim would raise their hands over their heads (as opposed to opposite their shoulders).

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