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1. A caretaker of Hekdesh who takes hold of a Hekdesh object with intent to use it for his personal benefit has not transgressed Me'ilah by merely taking hold of the object.

2. If a person uses money of Hekdesh to pay for entrance to a bathhouse, he transgresses Me'ilah.
3. There are two basic ways in which a caretaker of Hekdesh can transgress Me'ilah by using building supplies of Hekdesh.
4. If a Shali'ach unknowingly uses Hekdesh due to his master's instructions, he may or may not transgress Me'ilah.
5. There is a case in which it is possible that the host, the Shali'ach, and the guests all transgress Me'ilah.


1. Since the item was in his possession (in his capacity as caretaker) before he took hold of it, and it is still in his possession after he takes hold of it, it has not been transferred to a different domain, and thus it remains in the domain of Hekdesh. However, at the moment he gives the item to his friend to use for a mundane purpose, he transgress Me'ilah. His friend does not transgress Me'ilah.

2. He is liable for Me'ilah even if he does not actually enter and bathe. Since his payment with the money of Hekdesh acquired for him the right to use the bathhouse, he is liable for Me'ilah.
3. Once he forms the building supplies into the shapes that he needs (e.g., he cuts the wood to size), he transgresses Me'ilah. Even if he does not change their shape but merely puts them in an area that helps his building (e.g., he puts a sheet of metal over a roof), he transgresses Me'ilah once he receives a Perutah worth of benefit from the material.
4. If the Shali'ach carried out his master's instructions exactly, only the master transgresses Me'ilah. However, if the Shali'ach does not carry out the exact instructions of his master -- for example, he serves the guests liver of Hekdesh instead of the meat that he was told to serve, then only the Shali'ach transgress Me'ilah (even if he did not know it was Hekdesh).
5. If the host instructs the Shali'ach to give each guest one piece of meat, and the host tells the guests they may each take two pieces, and each guest takes three pieces, they all transgress Me'ilah.

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