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1. Different materials combine to form the minimum amount necessary for Tum'ah.

2. Me'ilah is transgressed differently with different items.
3. Similarly, the law of Me'ilah with a Korban Chatas when the Korban is alive differs from when it is dead.
4. The Beraisa derives many laws of regarding Me'ilah from the misuse of Terumah.
5. Different acts of Me'ilah combine to make one liable in different ways.


1. Even if the different materials have different minimum amounts for becoming Tamei, they combine to form the larger minimum amount. For example, cloth -- which becomes Tamei with a minimum amount of three by three fingerbreadths -- combine with sackcloth -- which becomes Tamei with a minimum amount of four by four handbreadths -- so that a mixture of cloth and sackcloth the size of four by four handbreadths (not three by three fingerbreadths) becomes Tamei.

2. Chachamim: For an object which usually becomes worn out through usage (such as clothing), one is liable for Me'ilah only when he uses it in a way that decreases its value (wears it out). In contrast, for an object which does not usually become worn out (such as jewelry), one is liable for Me'ilah by merely deriving monetary benefit from it.
3. When a blemished Chatas is alive, one is liable for Me'ilah only when he causes the animal to lose some of its value. When a Korban Chatas dies (whether it is blemished or not), one is liable for Me'ilah just by benefiting from it (since it is not going to be redeemed, since a Korban may be redeemed only when it is alive).
4. Many laws are derived from the Gezeirah Shavah of "Chet-Chet" from Terumah. Among these laws are the requirement that the person's benefit from, and the decrease in value of, the sanctified object (when both are required) occur simultaneously, and the requirement that the benefit must be derived directly from the sanctified object.
5. For example, a person consumes half a Perutah's worth of Hekdesh food and gives his friend half a Perutah's worth to eat has transgressed Me'ilah. Also, one transgresses Me'ilah even if he eats half a Perutah's worth now and the other half a long time later.

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