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ME'ILAH 3 (26 Nisan) - dedicated by Mr. Avi Berger of Queens, N.Y./Passaic, N.J. in memory of his mother, Leah bas Michel Mordechai, in honor of her Yahrzeit.


1. Me'ilah does not apply, even mid'Rabanan, to the five Chata'os that must be put to death.
2. The Gemara concludes that there is a strong question against Rabah's opinion (see Daf 2, #4).
3. Rebbi Elazar discusses the case of a Korban originally dedicated for a private altar (Bamah).
4. Rav Gidal discusses whether Me'ilah applies to one who sprinkles the blood of a Korban that is disqualified as Pigul.
5. Rebbi Aba explains Rav Gidal's statement.


1. Since they are clearly not designated for benefit, the Rabanan did not deem it necessary to make a Rabbinic decree of Me'ilah, including paying for the benefit received, for benefiting from these animals. However, according to Rabbinic law, it still is forbidden to benefit from them.
2. The Mishnah in Zevachim (84a) seems to discuss cases similar to those of the Mishnah here, where an act of Shechitah was performed in the wrong area. However, the Mishnah there says (unlike Rabah) that if these Korbanos are mistakenly placed on the Mizbe'ach, they should not be removed.
3. Rebbi Elazar says that if such a Korban would have been taken to the Mishkan at a time when private Bamos were still allowed, it would have been treated as an ordinary Korban Olah that was supposed to be brought in the Mishkan. It would have become invalid if these laws were not adhered to, such as if it was slaughtered in the south of the Azarah.
4. Rav Gidal explains that if the Korban is Kodshei Kodashim, the laws of Me'ilah still apply to it. If the Korban is Kodshim Kalim, the laws of Me'ilah do not apply to it.
5. Rebbi Aba says that Rav Gidal was specifically discussing a case in which the Kohen had the Pigul thought during the sprinkling of the blood, as opposed to during the slaughtering of the animal.

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