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1. There is a dispute about the age at which the presence of two pubic hairs indicate that a boy has reached adulthood.
2. There is a dispute about whether a girl who has reached the age of adulthood may perform Mi'un if she has no hairs.
3. Rav Dimi: In questions of Torah law, we rule stringently and suspect that the hairs fell off.
4. Rav Huna: A child who is close to becoming an adult (see Mishnah) who made a vow to forbid a piece of food and then ate it, receives lashes.
5. While most opinions disagree with Rav Huna (see #4), they do discuss what happens if an adult ate the forbidden food.


1. Everyone agrees that the presence of these hairs before the age of nine is considered a birthmark. If hairs developed between the ages of nine and twelve, the Tana Kama maintains that they are considered a birthmark. Rebbi Yosi b'Rebbi Yehudah says that it is a sign of adulthood. All agree that from thirteen and one day onward, they are a sign of adulthood.
2. Rav Papa (some say Rav Kahana): She may still perform Mi'un, as we do not suspect that she had such hairs and they fell off. Rav Papi: She may not perform Mi'un, as we suspect that the hairs fell off, meaning that she is in fact an adult, and an adult may not perform Mi'un.
3. Accordingly, we do not allow a girl to do Chalitzah even if she reached an age at which she probably has these hairs, unless we know that they are there. However, we do allow Mi'un to be done by a minor as long as we do not know that she has these hairs, and she is not yet of the age where she should have these hairs.
4. He receives lashes despite the fact that he is still considered a minor for all other Torah laws and cannot be punished yet for any other sin.
5. Rav Kahana: The person does not receive lashes. Rebbi Yochanan and Reish Lakish: He does receive lashes.

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