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1. The Gemara discusses whether Keri emitted by a Zavah affects the counting of her seven clean days.
2. At the moment a baby's head is visible and close to emerging, it is considered a Halachic birth.
3. Based on this law (#2), Rava ruled in a specific case that a baby was not allowed to be circumcised on Shabbos.
4. The Gemara discusses the difference between considering an area "hidden" or "swallowed" with regard to Tum'ah.
5. Only a dead Kosher species of bird that is a Neveilah causes Tum'ah when swallowed.


1. The Gemara's question is whether this is considered a different type of Tum'ah, such as when a woman touches something Tamei outside her body, which clearly does not affect her seven clean days, or whether it is considered "seeing Tum'ah from [within] her body," which does take away her clean day. The Gemara concludes that it does take away a clean day.
2. In such a situation, a woman is already considered Tamei from the moment of this birth, even if no blood was emitted.
3. A father said that he heard his baby crying on Erev Shabbos, but the baby was actually born on Shabbos. Rava ruled that the Bris may not be performed on Shabbos; the correct time is Erev Shabbos. Even if the Bris cannot be performed on Friday, it is forbidden on Shabbos. A Bris overrides Shabbos only when Shabbos is the eighth day from birth.
4. If an area is considered to hide Tum'ah in the folds of the skin, then the Tamei item will not cause Tum'ah due to touching, but it will cause Tum'ah due to the item being carried by the person. If the area is considered to swallow Tum'ah, then the Tum'ah is considered nonexistent, and it will not cause Tum'ah even through being carried.
5. The Beraisa says that we should derive that a Neveilah of an animal also causes Tum'ah to clothing when it is swallowed: If the Neveilah of a Kosher bird causes Tum'ah only when swallowed by not when outside of a person's body, then certainly the Neveilah of an animal should cause Tum'ah when swallowed since it causes Tum'ah when it is outside of a person's body! The Beraisa explains that the verse teaches that this reasoning is incorrect, and that the Neveilah of a Kosher bird is the only item that causes Tum'ah in this manner.

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