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1. Rebbi Meir explains how a woman can have a flow of blood for 150 days without becoming a Zavah.
2. A woman can see blood for 100 days, not including bleeding due to birth, without becoming a Zavah.
3. Shmuel states how long after relations a child is born.
4. The Gemara concludes that the custom of the early pious people was in accordance with Shmuel's opinion (#3 above).
5. There is a dispute in the Mishnah about a woman who is experiencing pain and bleeding due to birth during her Tahor days following a previous birth.


1. If she sees blood 2 days before her Nidah period, 7 days of Nidah, 2 days after her Nidah period, 50 days of bleeding due to birth, 80 days after giving birth to a girl, 7 days of Nidah, and 2 days after Nidah, then she has seen blood for a total of 150 days without becoming a Zavah.
2. The case is the same as the one above (#1), but without the 50 days of bleeding due to childbirth. The reason why this must be taught explicitly is to teach that the woman does not become a Zavah when she gives birth (on the third day after Nidah), and that it is possible that the womb opens without the type of bleeding that causes her to be a Zavah.
3. He says that a child is generally born between 271 and 273 days after relations. 271 days are nine full months (counting thirty days for each month), plus the day the baby is born. Since there could be another day or two between relations and conception, the baby might be born up to 273 days later.
4. The early pious people would not have relations from after Shabbos until Wednesday night, in an effort to ensure that their babies would not be born on Shabbos (based on how long it takes from relations to childbirth), causing Shabbos to be desecrated on their account.
5. Tana Kama: Just as a woman cannot become a Zavah from bleeding during birth during her Tahor days, she also does not become a Nidah from this bleeding. Rebbi Eliezer: She cannot become a Zavah, but she can become a Nidah during this time, as the pain accompanying the bleeding indicates that it is not due to the previous childbirth.

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