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1. The Gemara relates that a controversy erupted between Rav Asi and Shila bar Avina.
2. When a woman has a flow of blood leading up to childbirth, her count of seven clean days is not abolished.
3. Childbirth, and the days afterwards, do not eliminate the clean days counted towards a Zavah becoming Tahor.
4. The Gemara discusses the case of a woman who bled for three days, stopped for 24 hours, and then gave birth.
5. The Gemara explains Rebbi Meir's comment that a woman can bleed for "40 or 50 days" before childbirth without being considered a Yoledes b'Zov.


1. While it seems that Rav Asi died because he wrongly put Shila bar Avina in Cherem, the Rabanan witnessed, after Shila died (immediately after Rav Asi), that the myrtle branches put on the deceased were flying from one of the deceased to the other. The Rabanan understood this as a sign that they had reconciled in death.
2. If a woman is a Zavah and is counting seven clean days, bleeding leading up to childbirth does not eliminate the clean days she has counted already. However, the days she bleeds due to childbirth cannot be counted as one of the seven clean days (Rashi).
3. Abaye: Childbirth does not eliminate the previous clean days, but it does not count towards a clean day. Rava: It does not eliminate the clean days, and it counts towards a clean day if she did not see blood on that day. (Even though she is deemed Tamei due to childbirth, those days count towards the clean days of a Zavah.)
4. Rav Chisda: She is considered a Yoledes b'Zov. Rebbi Chanina: She is not considered a Yoledes b'Zov.
5. He meant that if a woman is healthy, she is able to experience a flow of blood for up to 40 days without the blood being considered Dam Zivah. If she is sick, it can be up to 50 days.

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