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1. The Kusi women were unreliable with regard to the laws of Nidah, because they were too stringent.
2. The Gemara qualifies the Mishnah's law that male Kusim have the status of having relations with Nidos.
3. It is appropriate to give a person a blessing that he should be like a certain G-d-fearing person.
4. The Mishnah discusses the status of Tzeduki women.
5. The Beraisa records an incident that shows that Tzeduki women were careful about the laws of Nidah.


1. Their stringency of considering gold-colored discharges Tamei caused them to count their Nidah days incorrectly, and as a result they thought that they were not Tamei when in fact they were.
2. Rav Yitzchak: This does not refer to all male Kusim (in a manner of "Lo Plug"), but only to those who are married.
3. Rav Papa went to a place where a woman blessed him that he should be like Rav Shmuel. The Gemara relates that Rav Papa concluded that if the woman gave him this blessing, it must be that Rav Shmuel was a G-d-fearing person, and that it would be worthwhile to meet him.
4. Tana Kama: Tzeduki women generally do not observe the laws of Nidah properly unless we see that they are acting like ordinary Jews. Rebbi Yosi: Tzeduki women are presumed to act like ordinary Jewish women unless we know that they are not following the laws.
5. After a Kohen Gadol investigated this fact, he was told by a Tzeduki woman that they indeed asked the Chachamim if they were Tahor or not. Rebbi Yosi states that he knew this to be true, and that there was only one woman in his neighborhood who would not bring her questions to the Chachamim. She subsequently died prematurely.

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