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KERISUS 27 (23 Nisan) - dedicated by Mr. Avy Reichman of Queens, NY, l'Iluy Nishmas his father, Dovid ben Avraham, for the day of his Yahrzeit.


1. The Gemara discusses whether a person may attain atonement with an animal whose value increased to the required value of that Korban only after it became Hekdesh.
2. The Gemara divides this question (#1) into two different cases.
3. The set price of two Sela'im for a Korban Asham is without exception.
4. This case (#3) is in contrast to a Korban brought in order to enable a person to eat Kodshim.

5. One cannot offer a Chatas -- dedicated by his deceased father -- for his own sin.


1. For example, if a person bought an animal for one Sela and dedicated it to be a Korban Asham, and then it increased to a value of two Sela'im (the minimum value of a Korban Asham). May he offer that animal as his Korban Asham?
2. A person who bought an animal for one Sela and fed it a Sela's worth of food has essentially invested two Sela'im into the animal, and therefore he should be able to offer it as his Korban. However, the Gemara discusses whether a sudden increase in market value after it was dedicated as a Korban would permit one to offer it as his Korban.
3. A person who cannot find an Asham for two Sela'im offers no Korban. For example, if the price of animals fell so that the finest animal costs less than two Sela'im, he simply cannot offer an Asham.
4. Rebbi Shimon ben Yochai: The Torah states no value for such a Korban, because it wants to ensure that one will be able to eat Kodshim.
5. Moreover, one cannot even offer a Chatas he dedicated for his sin of eating Chelev yesterday in order to atone for his sin of eating Chelev today.

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