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1. Rebbi Meir rules stringently with regard to the maximum amount of time in which one must eat an amount of forbidden food in order to be punished.
2. A woman who touched a Tamei Mes is permitted to nurse her child, and the child is considered Tahor.
3. The Beraisa discusses the prohibition against going into the Beis ha'Mikdash after drinking wine.
4. A Rav cannot rule in Halachic matters if he has drunk wine.

5. A Rav is allowed to rule on simple matters even when drunk, since even a child knows the answer to such questions.


1. The Rabanan say that one is liable only when he eats the amount bi'Chedei Achilas Peras. Rebbi Meir maintains that even if it takes him longer to eat the food, he is liable, as he long as he does not pause in his eating.
2. Rava: He is Tahor because there are two doubts. There is a doubt about whether the baby drank enough to be considered Tamei, and there is a doubt about whether he did so bi'Chedei Achilas Peras.
3. Tana Kama: One is liable only if he drank wine. Rebbi Yehudah: One is liable to be killed if he drank wine, but he will receive lashes if he drank or ate other intoxicating things.
4. There was an incident in which Rav Acha was told to come back the next day to ask Rav to permit Rav Acha's vow, as Rav had drunk wine that day.
5. The Beraisa gives the examples of ruling that a Sheretz is Tamei and that a frog is Tahor.

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