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KERISUS 4 - Dedicated by Rabbi Dr. Eli Turkel of Raanana, l'Iluy Nishmas his mother, Golda bas Chaim Yitzchak Ozer (Mrs. Gisela Turkel) who passed away on 25 Av 5760. Mrs. Turkel accepted Hashem's Gezeiros with love; may she be a Melitzas Yosher for her offspring and for all of Klal Yisrael.


1. Rava: Moving one's lips while talking is considered an action.
2. If one accidentally transgresses the same Isur twice, he is liable for each one separately.
3. There is a dispute about how many sets of Malkus one receives for eating the forbidden fat of a Korban.
4. One who drinks the blood of a Sheretz does not transgress the prohibition against consuming of blood, but rather the prohibition against eating a Sheretz.
5. Rebbi Ila: One who eats Ma'aser Sheni of grain, grapes, and olives outside of Yerushalayim is punished with three sets of Malkus.


1. Testimony, however, is not considered an action, since it depends on relating what one saw, which is done merely by words and not by action.
2. Accordingly, if one accidentally ate a k'Zayis of forbidden fat and then realized what he did, and then he did the same thing again accidentally, he would be liable to bring two different Chatas offerings.
3. Rebbi Yehudah: One receives three sets of Malkus. Two sets are given because of the prohibition of forbidden fat, and one set is because a person is forbidden to eat this part of a Korban (Zarus). Rabanan: He receives two sets of Malkus. The Rabanan maintain that there is only one set of Malkus for the prohibition of forbidden fat.
4. The Torah forbids the eating of blood when it is separate from the flesh. This excludes the blood of a Sheretz that is not separate from its flesh.
5. Although they all appear in the same verse, and the general rule is that one does not receive Malkus when one verse includes multiple acts ("Lav shebi'Chlalos"), in this case there is an extra verse that teaches that they are separate prohibitions.

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