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1. The Mishnah lists 36 Torah prohibitions punishable with Kares.
2. There are only two positive commandments for which one receives Kares for failing to fulfill: Pesach and Bris Milah (circumcision).
3. The Mishnah makes a point of stating that there are 36 such prohibitions.
4. There are various opinions about the number of Avos (prime categories of) Nezikin (damages).
5. There is a dispute about the source of the law that says that each Kares transgression requires a separate sacrifice, even if done at the same time.


1. Include in the list are: many types of forbidden relations (relations with one's mother, stepmother, a Nidah, an animal, a man with a man, etc.), idol-worship, and desecration of Shabbos.
2. One who accidentally transgresses the other prohibitions (for which one is liable for Kares when he transgresses intentionally) must offer a Korban Chatas. In contrast, one who unintentionally fails to fulfill these two positive commandments does not offer a Korban Chatas.
3. This teaches that a person who accidentally transgresses many of them at once must bring a separate Korban Chatas for each transgression.
4. Mishnah: There are four categories. Rebbi Oshiya: There are 13 categories. Rebbi Chiya: There are 24 categories.
5. Rebbi Yonah: This is derived from the verse that forbids relations with one's sister. Rebbi Yitzchak: This is derived from the verse that forbids relations with a Nidah.

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